Brett Wynkoop for Job Creation
AD - 52

To prosper the people of our district need good jobs. It does not matter if you live in the Gowanus Houses, or in a brownstone in Park Slope we all want to have job security, a job that provides dignity and allows us support our family without the need for government assistance.

Companies are fleeing New York due to crime and the antibusiness climate that has been enacted by the state legislature. When a company leaves the state it takes all it's jobs with it.

I will work to make New York a more business friendly state so that we can regain good jobs by attracting solid companies to the state, and to our district.

The recent supply chain problems have taught us that we need to bring manufacturing back to the United States. Brooklyn was once a hub of industry. Brooklyn's waterfront made it a great place for manufacturing because of ease of access to shipping resources. Brooklyn still has a large waterfront which can and should be rehabilitated for both commercial and recreational purposes.

We can and should bring manufacturing and even farming back to Brooklyn.

Modern indoor gardening methods produce great fresh vegetables year round. If we brought large scale indoor farming to Brooklyn it would provide jobs and less expensive fresh produce for our tables and resturants. Locally grown produce will be higher quality and cheaper than produce trucked in from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Produce excess to local needs can be exported from Brooklyn via our waterways. Shipping by water is more energy effecient and produces less pollution than shipping by truck.

Urban gardening is just one idea for bringing business and jobs to the area. By making New York more business friendly who knows what inovative businesses that actually produce goods New Yorkers need locally will flourish in our area.