Brett Wynkoop for Recall Elections
AD - 52

Both the Kings & New York County District Attorneys announced crimes they would not prosecute. In effect they announced to the people they serve that they refuse to do their jobs. Further they have signaled to criminals that there are a series of crimes that they can commit with no fear of punishment.

District Attorneys do not make law. That is the job of the legislative bodies of our state and cities.

The governor of NY has the power to remove a DA who refuses to do his job, but our current unelected governor has refused to remove either DA, showing that she too is refusing to do her duty to the people of the state.

If the people are not pleased with an elected official and it seems to the people that the official is not doing his or her duty there should be a way for the people to remove and replace that official before they have done too much damage to the state.

We the people employ all elected officials, and we should be able to fire them at will in the case of gross dereliction of duty.

When I am elected to represent the 52nd Assembly District I will introduce a bill to allow the voters to recall any elected official.